Innovation Make Health Easier
KWG Group Holdings explores China' s comprehensive healthcare industry and seizes the development opportunities in the Greater-Bay-Area. It adheres to the mission of"taking the lead with innovation and making healthiness accessible", to engage incomprehensive health care investment, biomedicine, medical services and health care industries. It focuses on the development of biological drugs , chemically innovative drugs and new-type preparations, research in stem cells and regenerative medicine, genetic testing and high-end/precise medical services through international innovation and cooperation. It actively explores the integration of the healthcare and real estate industries in aspects of medicine, drugs and well-being" in order to create a high-techindustrial conglomerate that provides health management for the entire life cycle of human.
  • Health Management
    To build a multi-functional online and offline healthy life platform by integrating body-building, anti-aging, chronic disease management, physical therapy and health care and social connection in the community. At the same time, we cooperate with domestic well-known expert team to arrange the research and development of cellular immunotherapy, regenerative medicine and clinical promotion and application. Practicing the enterprise mission of "Innovation Make Health Easier", based on international innovation and cooperation, focusing on providing healthier medical treatment and lifestyle.
  • Nursing Care
    To cooperate with the most innovative and successful professional home and community care companies in Europe to create a professional, warm and intelligent one-stop high-quality care brand, enabling a better life with health. Through Internet, IoT and AI, we will build a smart health care community.
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry
    Speciality overall arrangement of medicine, medical equipment, medical services and other industrial investment, and actively explore the combination of health industry and real estate in the diversified business to provide full life cycle health management for human beings.
  • Eco-friendly Power Source
    Introduced Japan’s leading hydrogen energy industry innovation technology and arranged innovative science and technology hydrogen energy battery industry with science and technology to promote the development of healthy environment development.
To create an innovative education ecosystem with comprehensive training inside and outside the school.
KWG Education was established in 2017 with the mission of “Pursuing Education in its Purest Form”. Its business areas cover Early Childhood Education, International Education and Extracurricular Education, with the support of education research, education technology and education investment. KWG Education is committed to creating an innovative education ecosystem that provides high-quality education resources for students, teachers, schools and society, and aspires to become a well-respected education brand.
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Your ideal travel butler
Guangdong Huacheng Cultural Tourism Group Co.,Ltd was established in 2019. Uphold the core ideology of "Best Service For High Quality Travel", complying with the trend of contemporary Chinese culture and tourism. We first rooted in Guangdong then faced the world. And with the group mission of "Your ideal travel butler", we committed to become the world first-class travel industry investment operators and the leader of tour industry ecosystem around the world.
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