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Basedon customer needs and service experience, and through the integration ofoperations and services and analysis with big data, KWG Group upgrades itspost-service system, which consists of three major segments including propertymanagement, customer service and member management, to offer customersmulti-dimensional values such as diversified services, composite lifestyles andenriched experience.The “KWG Future Home” APP was launched by KWG Groupin February 2018. By integrating the resources from all segments of KWG Group with the use of mobile Internettechnology, focusing on the needs of owners and customers, and combiningcommunity characteristics, it provides all owner and customers with a one-stopsmart service platform which encompasses all aspects of life to fully upgradethe post-service system.


Liege Property – Do Our Best for You

Established in 2004, Liege Property is a wholly owned subsidiary of KWG Group with ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. Liege Property provides property services and management operations for commercial, residential and cultural tourism projects covering premium grade A office buildings, corporate headquarters, high-tech industrial parks, urban commercial complexes, high-end houses, villas, SOHO/LOFT, serviced apartments, high-end hotels, premium luxury hotels and tourist resorts on the back of its extensive management experience and execution power. Liege Property was awarded “Top 100 Property Management Companies of China in 2018 (19th place)”, “Top 20 Community Service Providers of China 2018”, “China’s Top 100 Property Management Companies in terms of Service Quality in 2018” and “2018 Specialized Operational Leading Brand of China Property Service Companies”.


Sincere and Wholehearted Services

Under the principle of “people-oriented” services, KWG Group integrates customers’ valuable advice into its early development and design, which is further reflected at every phase from sales to after-sales service, and is dedicated to providing owners with a better living experience.



We Together Build and Enjoy Community Services

KWG Club integrates KWG Group’s resources from its hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, leisure and tourism operations to bring diversified and premier resources and benefits to owners, merchants and customers.
Based on the cloud platform of KWG which combines functions such as digital marketing and intelligent security community, the APP “KWG Future Home” was officially launched in February 2018. By integrating the resources from the six segments of KWG Group, namely residential, commercial, property management, membership, big data and intelligence, the intelligent IoT consumer experience is fully upgraded to provide all owner and customers with a one-stop smart service platform which encompasses all aspects of life and to build a convenient, intelligent and modernised closed loop of life.

Dear Customer:

If you have any comments and suggestions about our services,
please fill in the feedback form and we will be in service later with the reply to your message.
Thank you for your support KWG Property, our growth and development depends on your encouragement!

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