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Following the urbanisation of China and the internationalisation ofcities and after fully exploring the planning, layout and functions offirst-tier and strong second-tier cities in the country, KWG Group tapped intothe commercial property sector in 2003 by first expanding to the commercial buildingsegment. Office buildings were built in CBDs of Guangzhou, Beijing andShanghai. With their unique architectural designs, convenient locations andefficient and intelligent management systems, the buildings have become ashining business card on the axis of the cities’ economy. Later on, KWG Groupstuck to the residential and commercial property co-development model. In 2014,it carefully constructed commercial complexes, adhering to the concepts ofenvironmental protection, organic and LOHAS and universal values. Given thedifferent regional cultures and consumption habits, two self-owned commercialbrands – U Fun and M ·Cube – were forged to breathe new life into the cities.

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