The Mulian Urban Resort Hotels Chengdu

The Mulian Urban Resort Hotels Chengdu is a boutique hotel established by KWG Group in accordance with the high star rating standard. With a rich artistic atmosphere, it is the first Mulian Urban Resort Hotel in Southwest China, and the third Mulian Urban Resort Hotel of KWG Group.

The hotel is located in No. 500, Jiaozi Road, Chengdu High-tech zone with an operating area of approximately 14,000 square meters. The hotel locates in the core area of the Financial City and in the proximity of Line 1 and Line 5 of Chengdu Metro, and can reach the Shuangliu International Airport of Chengdu in just 20 minutes. The feelings of natural, artistic and elegant have been perfectly integrated throughout the hotel by the adoption of new modern and entry lux style, and art collection from around the country have been shown with the surrounding of light fragrance. Our high quality personalized services provide our sincere caring to every guest, arising a harmonic interweaving of the elegant status of the guests and the atmosphere of the hotel.

Adress:No. 500, Jiaozi Road, Chengdu High-tech zone

Tel:028-8210 6688

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