Qi Hang After School Club

For theafter-school services and programs for ordinary primary schools in Guangzhouheld in the afternoon, the headquarter is situated on the third floor of GuangzhouOpera House with a land area of 3,000 square meters, while the branch issituated in the north gate of Henry FokStadiumwith a land area of 1,000 square meters. Since its inception in 2003, theprogram has gradually developed into a relatively sizeable sports, arts,culture and education institution in Southern China with comprehensive systemsand teaching staff. Students for various sports and arts programs have exceeded 10,000,making it the training base for professional sports and arts programs inGuangzhou.

With over 200professional teachers and extensive operation and management team as well asmore than 20 training bases, we have established co-operation with various keyschools in Guangzhou to build up a systematic and scientific sports and artsdevelopment and training base for teenagers, thereby becoming a new platformsuitable for healthy growth and self-fulfillment for teenagers. In recentyears, we participated in several mathematics competitions with successfulresults. Establishing stations for various programs in different areas inGuangzhou, we commence universe sports and arts education by bringing it intoclassroom under the co-operation with various secondary and primary schools inGuangzhou.

Adress:Yingdong Gymnasium, NO.106 Fanhua Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou

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