Hengde Education Group

KWG EducationGroup integrates the projects and resources advantages of Hengde EducationGroup, and continuously provides students, parents, schools and the societywith quality education contents in view of the demand for better educationamong parents. Established for over three years, Hengde Education Group hasenrolled around 10,000 students and has been well received by parents andstudents.

Hengde EducationGroup has the following self-owned brands:

●Little Maleonn Childer’s Arts (小马良少儿美术)

●Beginners Platform for Personal Quality Education (启航素质教育平台)

●Facai Art Space (法彩艺术空间)

●Little Li Bai Language (小李白大语文)

●Reading for Youths (亲青阅读)

●Taigrobi Children’s Programming (泰格罗比少儿编程)

Adress:18th Floor, North Tower, ICP, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

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