Year 2018 marks KWG Group’s start of the long-term rental apartment sector. The Group has created three major brands, namely “Primcasa” (serviced apartments), “Riscasa” (international youth apartments) and “Novuscasa” (student apartments/customised dormitories), to offer customised services to the target groups, including businessmen, white-collar workers and students. It has established its presence in first-tier and strong second-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu. 20 long-term rental apartment projects are expected to be launched by the end of 2018, offering 60,000 apartments in 2020.

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Room Reservation
(Services Apartments)

Target group: sophisticated and classy businessmen in pursuit of quality of life

(International Youth Apartments)

Target group: young people who pursue life in an alien city, are individualistic, want experience and love to mingle

(Student Apartments/Customised Dormitories)

Target group: efficient people and corporate employees who are after living and spiritual experiences and have considerable spending power

Comfortable system

A full set of household appliances, quality living, exclusive office services, exclusive elevators; standardised product creation, WYSIWYG apartments, real and reliable; branded furniture appliances, humanised design, comfortable living.

Security system

To ensure the safety of residents, the operators offer three layers of 24-hour security services including curfew, elevator control and smart combination locks; exclusive butlers to provide residents with customised services; fully considering the safety and privacy of residents to provide maximum physical and mental security.

Convenient system

Providing a convenient and fast living system, picking up packages without leaving home; exclusive storage space; vending machines, online intelligent platform plus comprehensive ancillary services in the surrounding area to create a convenient living environment.

Fashionable System

The apartments are transformed into a stylish space that combines life, office, art, fashion and culture together. Here, you can enjoy the most fashionable living experience, and live in a like-minded commune.

Community System

As a dedicated community operator, member activities are organised every month to create a young and vibrant atmosphere; common areas, public restaurants and meeting rooms to serve as the tenants’ hub for learning, interacting, sharing and making friends.