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No matter how far you go, reunion is incomplete without the taste of home.

No matter how your mood swings, only the time with family and friends can bring the pure joy.

At the beginning of 2019 came the warmth of spring. In this festive atmosphere, a wonderful New Year reunion banquet was prepared for the new and existing owners of KWG-Red Star’s Serenity in Prosperity. Hundreds of guests gathered together to mingle over a glass of wine, exuding the “vibes of culture, family and reunion” that were unique to Serenity in Prosperity.

[Vibes of Culture---Excitingmoments under lights and shadows]

The family banquet began with a lion dance show to bring about good andbeauty in the new year. The harmonious and joyful atmosphere made everyonesmile with pleasure from the beginning. The fun-filled shadowplay showcasing superior skills and a plot full of ups and downs presented avisual feast, which transposed the audience’s thought of family to expectationsfor the future. The soothing music made the ink dance and fan dance even more beautifulat night, intoxicating the audience with elegant movements. The combination of dynamicsand tranquillity emanated civilisation in the garden and the vibes and elegance ofChinese culture in the courtyard.

[Vibes of Family---Endlesswonders during Chinese New Year]

Lights and shadows convey the beauty of life, reunions carry the gloryof families. The family banquet is Chinese people’s unique way of perception ofthe world and life. Food tastes the best when enjoyed at the right time, in theright place, with the right people. Every detail and every dish wereperfectly managed at Serenity in Prosperity. From meeting to knowing and from knowing to understanding each other,the vibes of family became stronger as the banquet proceeded. Going forward, thevibes of family will continue to be passed down with even better education and a morehabitable environment at Serenity in Prosperity (with thesurrounding wetland park under construction).

[Vibes of Reunion---Endlesshappiness when gathered together]

The reunion banquet condensed the emotions of family and friends, fullyfilled with the kind intention and affection of Serenity in Prosperity. In addition to the feast,the family banquet built up to a climax with multiple lucky draw sessions. Propertyowners who won the prizes were particularly happy, and those who did not alsocongratulated the winners. Every member of the big family of Serenity in Prosperity had a smile on theirfaces, believing that good luck will keep coming and will never stop. As part of the big family, Serenity in Prosperity is set to provide more intimate community services.While bringing more lucky moments to family members, it is hoped that the commercialcomplex with an area of approximately 40,000 square metres (under construction)in the community will make every moment of reunion more fulfilling.

All the efforts boiled down to an unforgettable evening, embodied by theradiating “vibes of culture, family and reunion”. Always at the ready and lookingforward to the future with endless wonders ahead, Serenity in Prosperity is going to write another magnificent chapter nexttime with its everlasting “steadfastness” and “ingenuity”!

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