KWG’s ingenuity in building Ufun Suzhou in artistic articulations



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Suzhou embroidery, Kesi fine silk, fruit pit carving, new Kunqu opera… Suzhou cultural artists have been transmitting their work of art and innovative spirits through each needlework and thread, each carving and singing technique. To build a boutique commercial building in Suzhou also requires this art of craftsmanship.

Cultivation: based on solid foundation

A proficient craftsman possesses an air of artistic composure which cannot be mimicked. This can only be built up based on profound knowledge and practice as well as through widening horizon and gathering experience, only then can one seek to create the finest piece of work steadily and skilfully.

Building a boutique commercial building requires the same.

For the past 22 years since its establishment, KWG has developed, operated and managed luxurious mansions, quality apartments, prime grade A offices, international top chained-brand hotels, communities and commercial buildings in tier-one and new tier-one cities. With extensive experience and a professional team, KWG has laid solid foundation in developing large commercial properties.

Composure: stay away from the chase of pomposity

As consumerism-led commercial entities overwhelm the city with declining popularity, commercial leaders start to ponder on which way to go, cultural experience and light extravagance? Or positioned at living and delight? But this is not simply a choice of label. Based on the current status, how should Ufun Suzhou position itself?

Ufun Suzhou seeks to nurture the city with nature through soaking commercial functions and elements in a pleasant environment full of sunlight, hills and trees and fresh air, providing a joyful and comfortable platform to cater for city folks’ higher demand in commercial and leisure consumption.

Persistence: maintain a rigorous attitude

KWG Property’s commercial philosophy is to create innovative and stylish shopping centres based on each city’s characteristics instead of simple replications. However, sheer creativity can hardly succeed. Ufun Suzhou also excels in catering to the needs of future customers in every smallest detail: in terms of design, the layout, dynamics, scenery and introduction of sunlight; in terms of partners, the choice of operation and brand mix.

Ideal: pursue higher quality living

Looking forward, in artistic terms, Ufun Suzhou seeks to provide the best way of living. We endeavour to offer our future customers a leisure consumption experience in a comfortable living environment with a perfect balance of premium commercial space and living venue. It will be a joyous platform for experiencing ideal city life with serene living room and garden combining commercial consumption and cultural experience, art and entertainment and other culturally important amenities

Ingenious KWG strives to foster even higher quality living.