KWG’s Ufun Suzhou, a leisure lifestyle connecting to Chinese landscape painting



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Lin Yutang’s The Importance of Living said, “Man has to be put in his place, and he is always put in his place against a background of nature. That is why Chinese paintings always paint human figures so small in a landscape.”

The conception of ancient landscape painters can be applied to modern commercial philosophy. The four elements, namely, mankind, nature, commerce and living, shall be well-placed in harmony.

Striving to build stylish shopping centres tailored to a city’s characteristics, KWG Property is an expert in striking a balance among the above elements. Having specialised in the boutique property sector for many years, KWG has also ventured into integrated commercial property and developed various landmark projects in Chongwenmen Commercial and Trade Zone in Beijing, Xinjiangwan of Yangpu in Shanghai and Tianfu New Area in Chengdu. Beijing M●Cube marked a new style of pleasant city skyscraper, Ufun Shanghai returned to embrace leisure lifestyle, and Ufun Chengdu outlined a sense of delicacy, each of which was unique in nature and custom-made to the city’s characteristics with the essence of living as the core concept. Ufun Suzhou was built on the same philosophy.

Leisure lifestyle is the construction philosophy underlying Ufun Suzhou.

At Ufun Suzhou, the commercial design paid homage to the Suzhou eco nature. Themed to landscape culture, mountain, river and mankind were weaved together, with layout, dynamics and scenery maximising the sunlight, fresh air and greenery entering the building. Featured at multiple backward terraces and integrating several Suzhou cultural elements, such as bridges, flowing water and garden, into the construction, people resting in this green leisure areas could get a taste of typical joyous life in Suzhou.

Functionally positioned at providing an enjoyable living space, Ufun Suzhou did not target itself at offering a giant box for shopping. Instead, the rooftop leisure garden, restaurants full of sunlight, paid areas for special experiences, family fun activities and other culturally important elements were intertwined to create a huge living space for the city and a pleasing garden-based platform. Appreciating Suzhou landscape and embracing a peaceful ambiance shall be the way of living everyone pursues.

Yu Dan said the greatest living sickness of modern people was to overly focus on the format but ignore the crux of living. Living needs no labels as it is a status.

At Ufun Suzhou, warm gathering was a status. With boutique supermarkets, gigantic kids’ playground, international cinema chain and abundant catering services as its highlights, it shaped itself as a comprehensive platform providing chic living experience for the whole family through a well-designed portfolio mix of operations and brands ranging from popular trendy brands, gyms and entertainment, family workshops, living amenities and bookshops.

Ufun Suzhou went back to the basic of Suzhou living style through valuing the core of living to relax and appreciate and through defining living which was enjoying quality life.

Perhaps these are the Suzhou city characteristics KWG seeks to sketch.