Grand Opening Sale of The Moon Mansion in Hangzhou by KWG



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On 20 August, The Moon Mansion in Hangzhou by KWG was put up for sale for the first time. The much-anticipated villas with a floor area of approximately 85–118 sq.m. each that came with water features attracted thousands of potential buyers. Amid the “Moon Mansion Phenomenon” and the upbeat market of the Future Science City, only good products will be coveted by many, loved by many.

The Fast and the Furious—Starting at 10, Queuing up at 7

The power of The Moon Mansion astonished numerous buyers and the whole market once the subscription process commenced. On the opening day, there were so many customers that subscription by appointment was implemented—payment was made before the buyer arrived. As of that afternoon, it was reported that the quota had been filled up. The developer had no choice but to terminate the process on the following day, only to find out that the phone rang off the hook as potential buyers enquired how they could make a subscription. This was somewhat unexpected, though anticipated.

The Much-anticipated Opening Sale

In the wake of the subscription turmoil, home buyers had waited too long for the opening sale of The Moon Mansion. Customers flocked to the venue as early as 7 a.m. and filled up the hall an hour before the sale opened. All of them waited in their anxiety to acquire the desired units.

Units Almost Gone in Two Hours after Opening

It was time for the official opening. A climax was reached in an instant when the host announced the draw results, igniting the passion of every customer. As shown on the selling table, almost all units were gone just two hours after the opening, earning its place in the history books where nearly all units were sold out on the opening day. “I’m thrilled to be able to buy the unit I desire. It was nerve-racking as the draw proceeded for fear of failure to be drawn. What a relief!” one prospective buyer said.

Double Back from a Trip, Buy with a Friend

It was noticeable that there were three parties of luggage-hauling customers. It was understood that they came back in the middle of their trip. “Checking off my bucket list on vacation is something to remember,” one man smiled. Standing beside him was a friend of his, who beamed, “We’re friends from college and work in Hangzhou after graduation. It’s hard to make true friendship these days, so we’re willing to become neighbours and keep living liberally.” “Good location, good community, and good units, that’s why we bought it!” they continued.

Urged to Launch Extra Units by Passionate Customers

Most buyers succeeded in purchasing their favourable units, but a few were not so lucky and asked around about when additional units would be launched. We feel sorry about that and we will do so as soon as possible in view of customers’ demand. Unsuccessful buyers please pay attention to our future announcements.

Amazingly Spacious for a Unit of 85 sq.m. and a Full House of 118 sq.m.

Not many show flats were appraised by every visiting customer, but The Moon Mansion did it! “When I step inside, I can’t believe it’s 85 sq.m. It’s really spacious and enhances my enjoyment of life.” The two show flats defeated similar products in the market and captured potential buyers instantly.

Buying High? Future Science City to Boom in Five Years

The potential of the Future Science City is seen by the entire Hangzhou. The age of RMB30,000+ caught most home buyers by surprise. However, the Future Science City is just getting ready to boom in the future. When other plans in the region are confirmed, a general appreciation in property value will be seen for sure.

Make History on Launch, Few Units Remain

There is no lack of good houses in Hangzhou, but good houses like The Moon Mansion that understand the buyers are rare. During the design process, KWG analysed the needs of over two thousand households of the four developments transacted earlier to learn about the true requirements of the market and home buyers, so The Moon Mansion was able to make history as soon as it was launched.

If you missed out on the opening sale, here is your last chance to purchase the remaining few villas with a floor area of approximately 85–118 sq.m. each that come with water features. Be quick or regret it forever!