KWG Group’s Risk Control Center & Supervision Center will handle complaints and reports regarding non-compliant actions.

Employees, customers and up/downstream associates (including contractors, tenderers and marketing personnel) are welcome to submit complaints and reports through the following methods:



Address:Risk Control Center& Supervision Center, 36F, International Finance Place, 8 Huaxia Road, Pearl River New Town, Guangzhou 510623 


Whistleblowing Scope:

Complaints and reports about corruption of the employees of the Group and its subsidiaries (including all business segments) by employees,

customers and up/downstream associates of the Group will be accepted. For other types of complaints and reports,

please contact our customer service agents through the customer service hotline 400-020-1813.

Whistleblowing Policies:  

1、 The report shall be objective and fair without any fabrication or misrepresentation that harms others.

2、 Whistleblowers shall clearly identify the target and the specific parties with explanations as detailed as possible.

3、 Whistleblowers are obligated to offer assistance and evidence to the follow-up investigation.

4、 We undertake to whistleblowers that their identity will be kept confidential for the purposes of safeguarding their interests.

5、 Real-name whistleblowing reports are encouraged and prioritized.