“K” is a replicative symbol in the Phoenician alphabet, meaning “palm.” It is also the transliteration of “King” (in Cantonese) in “Hap King Tai Fu (KWG Property)”, meaning devising strategies and mastering the situation. KWG Property gives full play to the core competitive advantages and has become a pioneer in Guangdong’s real estate market with its keen market insights.

“W” represents worth and is the transliteration of “Fu” in “Hap King Tai Fu (KWG Property)”, meaning wealth and value. Right from the beginning, KWG Property has consistently won favor among domestic and foreign investors with its healthy financial profile, as well as its practical and steady development trend.

“G” represents group, meaning concerted effort through teamwork. As a core value of the company, KWG Property has always asked all employees to be of one mind and work aggressively. “If there are no concerted efforts, it is simply a gathering of people; only by putting their minds together, will they become a team.”

The square outlines appear steady and robust, denoting the solid foundations of the enterprise and steady development. The combination of linear geometry and bold English font implies the persistent and resolute spirit of the company.

 The orange color represents passion. As one of the warmest colors, orange is reminiscent of the fruits in golden autumn, representing abundance and happiness; blue represents meditation, independence and calmness, denoting solemnity and sagacity; the combination of orange and blue focuses on both dynamism and solemnity, representing the integration of the company’s prosperity and industrial foundation, and gives expression to the leading spirit of innovation during KWG’s steady development.